Fusion music

Fusion music that combines two or more styles. The main characteristics of fusion genres are variations in tempo, rhythm, dynamics, style and tempo. 'Fusion' used alone often refers to jazz fusion, especially with world music.

Fusion music as a genre has broadened the definitions of jazz, rock, and pop music.

Cheng-Ying Chuang

Taiwanese countertenor/Chinese lutenist Cheng-Ying Chuang studied Chinese lutes liuqin & zhongruan with prestigious Taiwanese teacher Cui-Ping Zheng and finished MMus at Birmingham Conservatoire in vocal performance with the Head Julian Pike, Christine Cairns, and Michael Chance in 2007. He won the 1st prizes of Taiwan Music Competition in Liuqin solo and Uni. Chinese Orchestra conducting, and the 4th Voice Competition of Taipei Philharmonic Foundation's in 2004. He was the first countertenor to be awarded as the Young Star 2008 of the Taiwanese National Concert Hall.
Owing to his background in science, art, landscape architecture, and music, he performs music with not only the refined Chinese/Western classical music elements but also the knowledge of world cultures and sociology in order to build deeper communication with audience and artists of diverse backgrounds. He performs both as a singer and Chinese lutenist in Europe and Taiwan as a soloist, with his group Musitonik Ensemble, or with musicians/artists in diverse genres.

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Chinese Classical



The pipa is a four- or five-stringed Chinese lute. It is a plucked instrument with a pear-shaped body and between 12 and 26 frets. The pipa can be traced as far back as the Qin dynasty (221-206 BC).

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