Fusion music

Fusion music that combines two or more styles. The main characteristics of fusion genres are variations in tempo, rhythm, dynamics, style and tempo. 'Fusion' used alone often refers to jazz fusion, especially with world music.

Fusion music as a genre has broadened the definitions of jazz, rock, and pop music.

Huong Thanh

Huong Thanh comes from a family of reknowned traditional Vietnamese musicians. Belongs to a musical family and started her musical journey at the age of 10, learning Cai Luong or "Vietnamese Opera". By 13 she was already learning intensively in music and theatre schools in Saigon and at the age of 16, she gave her debut performance. Since her move to Paris in 1977, she has been dedicated towards exposing Cai Luong to the Western world and has also ventured into the world of Jazz.

Its geographic location has enabled Vietnam to absorb some of the richness of the musical traditions of neighbouring countries such as India and China

Vietnamese sing to express suffering, sorrow. Vietnamese sing in the pagoda to pray, in the temple to the spirits, in the rice fields to relieve pain.

Huong Thanh is the great female interpreter of traditional Vietnamese music. The artists have spent their life far from their country, and their music expresses their longing to return. They offer, through the crystalline voice of Huong Thanh, an interpretation of this music bringing out the diversity of the regional flavours and style from all across Vietnam.

Music Genre: 
Vietnamese Opera
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