Past events: 2006/2007

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June 2006

Okeanos Plus: New works for Western and Japanese Instruments - on tour throughout the UK

An exciting collaboration between the Asian Music Circuit and the Society for the Promotion of New Music (spnm) will create a new programme which brings together western and Japanese instruments. The ensemble will include leading contemporary and traditional musicians from the UK and Japan on cello, clarinet, harp, koto, oboe, oboe d'amore, shakuhachi, sho, and viola. A special selection of composers will work closely with the musicians to create new pieces that incorporate elements of traditional Japanese and contemporary western music.


Pictured above: Okeanos

Ustad Nishat Khan (North Indian classical sitar) at Southbank Centre, London

Ustad Nishat Khan is one of the most exciting sitar players of India today, blending an incredible technique with beautiful lyricism. Nishat Khan is the eldest son of the distinguished sitar player Ustad Imrat Khan. His uncle the legendary late sitar maestro Ustad Vilayat Khan, achieved almost mythical status on the instrument. Nishat Khan is renowned and acclaimed throughout the world. His style and personality have been received with great enthusiasm among international audiences, bridging the gap between East and West, simply through the language of music.

"Sublime, erotic, flamboyant harmony, spiritual serenity, sensual passion ..." The Independent

Ustad Nishat Khan

Pictured above: Ustad Nishat Khan


May 2006

Wayang Golek: traditional Indonesian puppetry and gamelan

Enter a magical and enthralling world of Sundanese legend (West Java) brought to life through the masterful puppetry and music of West Java 's leading Wayang Golek troupe. Pak Asep Sunandar Sunarya is a captivating storyteller, skilfully manipulating his elaborately carved and decorated puppets through complex martial arts movements and the delicate and subtle expressions of traditional dance. Pak Asep is particularly loved for his humour, using trick mechanisms in the puppets and hilarious references to every day life to entertain audiences of all ages. The accompanying gamelan music is lively and varied, characterized by dynamic dance drumming contrasting with music of incredible subtlety and beauty.

Wayang Golek

Pictured above: Wayang Golek


July 2006

Trilok Gurtu with Pandits Rajan and Sajan Misra: on tour around the UK

ward winning, master musician Trilok Gurtu presents a ground-breaking project tracing his musical influences back to his family roots in North Indian c lassical music. Trilok Gurtu was born into a highly musical family in Mumbai , India where his grandfather was a noted sitar player and his mother Shobha Gurtu, a classical singing star and constant influence. Trilok has since made a name as a pioneering percussionist and composer, fusing sounds from East and West. In this new project Trilok is joined by special guests including the inimitable North Indian c lassical vocalists Pandits Rajan and Sajan Misra.

Trilok Gurtu: "What made his playing so fascinating was its constant aura of surprise" LA Times

Trilok GurtuRajan and Sajan Misra

Pictured l-r: Trilok Gurtu, Rajan and Sajan Misra

Rajasthani Folk Music: Traditional Sufi Music and Dance - on tour throughout the UK

Fresh from the colourful deserts of Western Rajasthan, traditional folk musicians perform vocal compositions of the great Sufi poets (such as Buleshar and Shah Latif) accompanied on the beautiful sarangi and kamenche (bowed stringed instruments), a variety of vibrant percussion and also by stunning kalbelia dancers. Rajasthan, the "land of rulers", is considered one of the most romantic Indian states, and is also the home to some of the sub-continent's most beautiful music. Alongside the magical palaces of these princely rulers there developed a rich village tradition, with folk musicians performing for themselves, and also for their patrons, on all occasions. Their songs told of love and war, of longing and separation (such as Laila/Majnun & Heera Ranja), of victory and in praise of God, and of social issues such as the value of their animals (especially camels) to their way of life.

Lakha Khan

Pictured above: Rajasthani folk music


September 2006

Tabla Workshop with Pandit Suresh Talwalkar

In the Asian Music Centre, London.

Music from Iran with the Payvar Ensemble - on tour throughout the UK and Europe

The Payvar Ensemble has performed and represented Iranian music all over the world. The Ensemble was formed forty years ago in honour of the outstanding musician Ostad Payvar, a master of the santoor based on the tradition of dastgahs (Iranian scales). The group we are bringing includes a number of legendary Iranian musicians who will perform a compelling and richly diverse programme of entrancing Iranian music led by the tar, santoor and tombak (Iranian drum). Featuring Ostad Hooshang Zarif (tar: plucked stringed instrument), Ostad Mohammad Esmaieli (tombak: Iranian drum), Mohammad Moghadasi (kamancheh: bowed stringed instrument), Mohammad Delnavazi (oud: plucked lute), Saied Sabet (santoor: dulcimer), Davood Varzideh (ney: flute), Reza Abaee (gheichak: stringed instrument), Faridpoor (vocal).

Payvar Ensemble of Iran

Pictured above: the Payvar Ensemble of Iran

Contemporary World Collaboration: Juliet Roberts (UK), Babani Kone (Mali) and Swati Natekar (India) in 'Les Dangereuses' - on tour throughout the UK

The deep emotions of jazz, the alluring passions of Malian music and the intense spirituality of Indian classical music are united in this unique collaboration between three female vocalists: Juliet Roberts (UK), Babani Kone (Mali) and Swati Natekar (India). The three vocal traditions are linked through the theme of storytelling as each genre depicts tales of betrayal, love, and conflict. The vocalists are joined by accompanying musicians from each of the three traditions including kora, sarangi, tabla, bass, piano and drum kit.

Juliet RobertsSwati NatekarBabani Kone

Pictured l-r: Juliet Roberts, Swati Natekar, Babani Kone


October 2006

Remember Shakti: John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussain, U. Shrinivas and V. Selvaganesh

"Rapid fire virtuosity suggesting passion, heat, a sense of danger and promise ahead" - Daily Telegraph

Pictured above: Remember Shakti flyer

Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar on tour throughout the UK

Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar offers a breathtaking blend of three gayakis (vocal styles) from the Gwalior , Agra and Jaipur gharanas (musical traditions). His performances offer a unique glimpse into the integrity and beauty of North Indian classical music. Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar was born into a family of musicians and was initially trained by his father, Shri N. D. Kashalkar before being accepted as the disciple of great masters such as Pt. Ram Marathe and Pt. Gajanan bua Joshi.

Ulhas Kashalkar

Pictured above: Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar