Past events: 2005/2006

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May - June 2005

'The Little Chilli' festival: Rhythms of Shakti from India - on tour throughout the UK

A superb, all-female group of Indian Carnatic musicians, led by Latha Ramchar - the only female khanjira (small tambourine) player in India. Living up to the name 'SHAKTI' (the female energy and force in our life and nature), this unique group of six female musicians is highly talented and very powerful. The addition of a saxophone player amongst a group of traditional musicians adds great interest and flair.

Rhythms of ShaktiRhythms of Shakti

Pictured above: Rhythms of Shakti

'The Little Chilli' festival: Piu Sarkhel and Amit Mukerjee (Hindustani vocal double bill) - on tour throughout the UK

The real Indian music is to be found in the voice - the basis for all music in India. Hindustani vocal music is recognised for its incredible virtuosity, technique, intonation and melodic beauty. To listen to these two first class singers of North Indian Classical music is an experience not to be missed, one which can be spiritually uplifting as well as awesome. Both artists sing in the Amir Khan gayaki, a tradition named after the legendary late Ustad Amir Khan.

Piu Sarkhel and Amit Mukerjee

Pictured l-r: Piu Sarkhel, Amit Mukerjee

'The Little Chilli' festival: Mrigya - on tour throughout the UK

Enter the global sound world of Mrigya, a unique fusion band from Delhi which presents a rich blend of blues, funk, latino and Indian Classical music. Mrigya stretches the boundaries of music with a sound that unites the world as one family, a philosophy which is demonstrated in the term "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam". Mrigya became the first Indian band to get a 4 star rating with the Scotsman at the 2001 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is an experience not to be missed!

"A show we'll never forget. The ambiance was out of this world." - Purana Quila

"Fusion music in its most positive, most elastic sense" - The Herald


Pictured above: Mrigya

'The Little Chilli' festival: Hongawa Kagura (Japanese mask dance) - on tour throughout the UK

Kagura is one of the oldest surviving forms of performing arts in Japan and has had an influence on Noh and Kabuki. The origins of Kagura can be traced back to Japanese Shinto mythology where it is represented in a famous story about the Goddess of the Sun - Amaterasu. Kagura is performed with masks representing various Gods and accompanied by traditional instruments and singing. This is a rare opportunity to experience the enchanting performances of Kagura in the UK.

Hongawa KaguraHongawa Kagura

Pictured above: Hongawa Kagura

'The Little Chilli' festival: Ghulam Ali from Pakistan - on tour throughout the UK

Time and tide stand still when Ustad Ghulam Ali occupies centre stage and unlocks the eternity of emotions that run through his exquisite rendering of the ghazal. Ghulam Ali is probably one of the biggest names in the music of the South Asian sub-continent and is one of the pioneers responsible for reviving the beautiful style of ghazal in the seventies.

Ustad Ghulam Ali

Pictured above: Ustad Ghulam Ali

'The Little Chilli' festival: the Hua Family Shawm Band - on tour throughout the UK

Shawm band musicians are the gypsies of China, and the Hua family band are among the most exhilarating. Led by master musicians Hua Yinshan (shawm) and his older brother Hua Jinshan (drum), they are busy performing for funerals and calendrical ceremonies. In 2002 the band scored a big hit at Yo Yo Ma's Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington.

Hua Family Shawm Band

Pictured above: Hua Family Shawm Band


July 2005

Qawwali: 'The Spirit of Frienship' - on tour throughout the UK

Following the success of the Nizami Brother's debut UK in 2004, the singers return their cousins from Pakistan spirit of friendship and co-operation between India and Pakistan. The group perform devotional music rooted in the Sufi mystical traditions which is both lyrical and vitally rhythmic.

Nizami Brothers

Pictured above: Nizami Brothers

Cirebonese Mask Dance and Gamelan - on tour throughout the UK

Traditional mask dances are a vibrant, living tradition in West Java, Indonesia and the Cirebonese mask dance style is known for its vitality, startling energy, stamina and spirit. Dhalang Rasinah is a maestro of Indramayu mask dance (Topeng Indramayu) and at the age of 75 she has great passion and energy to dance. In this tradition the mask is sacred and is believed to possess mystical powers.


Pictured above: Cirebonese Mask Dance and Gamelan

Asian Music Circuit Summer School 2005

Incorporating the Indian Music Summer School, the Chinese Music Summer School and the Japanese Music Summer School.

Soulful music from China and North India:

Cheng Yu (pipa)
Wang Ciheng (dizi)
UK Chinese Ensemble
Uday Bhawalkar (dhrupad)
Manik Munde (pakhawaj)

Cheng Yu

Pictured above: Cheng Yu

Ethereal Chinese instrumental and lyrical and thumri vocal

Zeng Chengwei (guqin)
Hu Bin (erhu)
UK Chinese Ensemble
Sunanda Sharma (thumri)

Sunanda Sharma

Pictured above: Sunanda Sharma

Electrifying instrumental music from Japan and North India
Sayuri Ono (shinobue)
Etusko Takezawa (koto)
Purbayan Chatterjee (sitar)

Sayuri Ono

Pictured above: Sayuri Ono

Exquisite vocal music from North India
Rajan and Sajan Misra (khyal)

Rajan and Sajan Misra

Pictured above: Rajan and Sajan Misra


September - November 2005

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Grammy award winner for his recording with Ry Cooder. Vishwa Mohan plays his modified slide guitar with his son Salil Bhatt accompanied by the finest female tabla player in North Indian music - Anuradha Pal.

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Pictured above: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt

Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar

Manjiri pays tribute to one of the major gharanas of Indian Classical music - the Jaipur gharana made famous by great singers, such as Alladiya Khan, Bhurji Khan and Kesarbai Kerkar. Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar is without doubt one of the outstanding talents of India today who carries on the tradition with authority and integrity.

Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar

Pictured above: Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar