University Students from Howard Payne University, Texas visit the Museum of Asian Music

Thursday, March 8, 2012


The AMC played host to University Students from Howard Payne University, Texas at its Museum of Asian Music on Thursday 8th of March.

The students enjoyed the films about the various instruments of Asia and they especially enjoyed the sound beam chamber. In the introductory talk for the American students,  traditional teaching and learning methods were described with the emphasis on the oral tradition and the importance of the role intuition and emotional experience play in the learning process. The AMC's "virtual guruâ„¢" was as always a big success with students displaying their own considerable singing skills. The afternoon ended with a listening session  - a short journey from traditional Indian music to its use in jazz and rock. A variety of music was played from the deep, classical vocals of Ustad Amir Khan  through to Mumbai Jazz featuring Ronu Majumdar and Larry Coryell, Remember Shakti with Zakir Hussain and John McLaughlin, and Jimmy Page in a guitar solo from the Led Zepellin "Black Mountain " track accompanied by Indian tabla.