World Classic Series - Music of North India VII

Friday, July 13, 2012
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Kiranpal Singh Deoora

Kiranpal Singh Deoora and Hanif Khan performed together in a trio a St. Ives Arts Club in Cornwall at the 2008 September Festival and they now return to perform once again. Kiranpal is a pupil of the Great Shiv Kumar Sharma and is the UK's leading player of the santoor. The santoor is a hammered dulcimer type of instrument which was made popular in Kashmir and has a delightful resonance and tone. Kiranpal has developed a style of his own combining technical skills with great flights of imagination. 

Hanif Khan is a virtuosic and thoughtful performer and the country's foremost exponent of the tabla. The tabla made up of two drums combining to create the most well-known Indian percussion instrument and on which some of the most intricate and sophisticated rhythms of the world are played. Hanif is the son of the illustrious Ustad Hidayat Khan of the Jaipur / Delhi Gharana and had inherited from his father the beautiful compositions associated with this style in the traditional guru-shishya parampara. Hanif has toured extensively performing with traditional music as well as with contemporary music and jazz.

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