Savita Devi and Radhika Chopra Double Bill

Saturday, September 5, 2015



Thumri performed by Savita Devi and Ghazal by Radhika Chopra 


Savita ji  is one of the few  artists in India who still  perform in a classical thumri  tradition which has almost gone. The daughter of the great Siddheshwari Devi, Savita ji was born and grew up in Benares which had become a centre for classical music especially the genre of thumri and all its various styles such as dadra, chaiti, kajri and tappa all of the  “purab ang”.

To listen to Savita ji is to be transported into a world of history, beauty, traditionand authenticity.

She founded the Smt Siddheshwari Devi Academy of Indian Music with the aim of carrying on the legacy of her legendary mother. Savita ji is a composer in her own right and is also a jury member of ICCR and of the Al India Radio Jury of Audition Board.




Blessed with a superb voice and years of dedication and practice, Radhika is in much demand not only in India but also with Asian audiences all over the world. The genre of ghazal has its origins in Sufi mysticism and poetry and has become very popular. Radhika has established herself as a rare performer of ghazal in the traditional or “rewayati” style.  Her command of both Urdu and Hindi has allowed her to develop a wide repertoire which includes all the well known poets with the music being classically based in ragas. She studied with the eminent guru Smt Shanti Hiranand the renowned disciple of  Begum Akhtar (Akhtari bai Faizabadi) and is a composer in her own right.



Accompanied on Sarangi by Murad Ali, Tabla by Hanif Khan and Harmonium by Rekesh Chauhan


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