Tuesday, July 3, 2018 - Sunday, July 8, 2018
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The Asian Music Circuit are delighted to present their new project MUSIC OF THE THREE WORLDS.

Following the path of insight and intuition rather than intellectual and scientific analysis ancient sages sought to understand the origins of the universe, our natural environment and humanity and above all the creator of all that. Brahman the great creator – the Absolute – was in everything and everything was in it.  Various ways – yogasastra- were elucidated to reach that ultimate bliss: outward worship and devotion, inward way of meditation and total surrender to the Almighty through renunciation.

God himself is SAT (reality/truth/existence/waking)  CIT(consciousness/awareness/knowledge )  ANANDA (freedom from the physical world –birth and -death / spiritual ecstasy/being one with the Absolute – the universal self).  The arts and especially music became the natural platform to express longing for and pain of separation from the Divine; the spiritual inward path to self- realisation. Music evolved into one of the most important parts of this journey.

The exhibition will run 3rd - 8th July 2018 at Asia House with a symposium Tuesday 3rd July/1000-1600 lead by eminent academics in the field who have contributed to the exhibition - Prof Richard Widdess, Prof Katherine Schofield, Dr Richard Williams & Dr Jasmine Hornabrook.


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