Imran Khan with Babar Latif - Ghazal & Saleem Hasan Chishti - QAWALI

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
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The concert is part of a double bill featuring Ghazal & Qawali by highly respected artists - Imran Khan with Babar Latif on Tabla & Qawali by Saleem Hasan Chishti & his group


Imran Khan with Babar Latif - Imran Khan is the disciple and son of Taan Samrat Late Ustad Naseer Ahmed Khan Saheb, the renowned maestro of the Delhi Gharana.  He hails from a family of distinguished musicians that includes vocalists.  In addition to his mastery over the classical singing, he excels in singing a variety of semi classical music forms such as the thumri, dadra, tappa, ghazals, bhajan and Sufiana qalam.

Babar Latif is the younger son if the great tabla maestro the late Ustad Latif Ahmed Khan of the Delhi gharana. Music and tabla is in his blood and he has imbibed all the best values of one of the oldest music traditions in India - Delhi gharana. Having had only a short time with his father before his demise, Babar along with his brother Akbar continued their training with their uncle the late Ustad Shafat Khan, Ghulam Haider and Ustad Munnu Khan.  Babar has worked with the AMC most notably in 2009 when he along with his brother Akbar performed at the BBC Proms festival. Noted for the sweetness of his tone, youthful freshness and virtuosity, Babar is a joy to listen to and the AMC welcomes him back to London.


Saleem Hasan Chishti  -  QAWALI

Saleem Hasan Chishti and his accompanists the principal singers of qawali at the Fatehpur Sikri shrine of Sheikh Saleem Chisti – descendent of Khwaja Mohinuddin Chishti of Ajmer, who promulgated the Chishtya order of Sufi (Sunni) mysticism in India. His other famous followers included Nizamuddin Auliya.  Saleem Hasan Chishti is fast making a name for himself in India as one of the finest performers of qawali.  Well trained and versed in the classical music of North India he weaves the poetry into beautiful uplifting and inspiring music compositions. His father was the famous qawal – Noor Mohammed and their family history goes back to musicians performing at the shrine of Sheikh Saleem Chishti at Fatehpur Sikri since the time of the emperor Akbar. While he has appeared in numerous TV and radio programmes in India this is his first visit to the UK.

QAWALI is the devotional music of the Sufi performed at the shrine of the spiritual leader of the order at his death anniversary but also on other occasions. It is characterised by energetic group singing led by one or two principal vocalists and with percussion accompaniment. It is a very spiritual music based on wonderful poetry composed by many well-known spiritual, mystic writers such as Amir Khusro, Rumi, Hafiz, Warsi and so on.  The aim is to reach a state of sama or ecstasy.


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