The Genders of Indian Music

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - Sunday, June 18, 2017
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Nāsaḥdyaḥ (Ardhanaarishwar)

Courtesy Prof Richard Widdess

The inspiration for this exciting exhibition is to be found in the fact that since ancient Vedic times, the people of South Asia have seen and worshipped SHAKTI  as the feminine  force and the other half  of  Shiva - masculine energy  later represented  in the concept of  ARDHANAARISHWAR  -  the image of  Shiva and  Shakti  (Parvati) as one body – half man half woman  - symbolising the equality of male and female as one – the unity  and inseparability of masculine and female  energies driving  the universe. The union of Shiva and Shakti is symbolised in their cosmic dance.

The exhibition explores the different qualities and energies that men and women have brought to the evolution of Indian music and looks at

Divine musicians - Human musicians – how music is seen as being feminine and masculine - gendered musical spaces - contesting gender - impact of colonialism and globalisation

Expertly written story boards are illustrated with the use of images - audio-visual recordings.

*Please note that the exhibition will be closed on the following dates and times:

Wednesday 7 June, 4pm to 10pm

Friday 9 June, 5pm to 10pm

Saturday 10 June, 4pm to 10pm

Monday 12 June, 11am to 4pm

Tuesday 13 June, All day

Wedneday 14 June, 9am to 4pm

Thursday 15 June, 11am to 5pm